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Writer of songs, singer of said songs, defier of responsibility

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Jeff Kelley is a thoughtful singer/songwriter with 30 years' experience of sitting behind a guitar and singing songs for people. He draws musically from folk, rock, bluegrass, and country, and his lyrics reveal the human experience with compassion, insight, and wit.

Casual listeners often think his original tunes are covers, and enjoy the pleasant familiarity of his performances. Careful listeners will recognize that Jeff has taken lessons from Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Pete Townsend, Shane McGowan, and a host of other masters, but he graduated long ago. Jeff owns his own brand of musical twists drawn from familiar themes and topics. His performances are a delightful blend of familiar songs you've never heard before, unless you've heard Jeff Kelley.

Now he is taking his act out on the road. A writer and collector of songs, Jeff has performed for 30 years in his home turf in Northern California. Now that the kids have grown, he's ready to reach a wider audience with his work. His performances range from providing background ambiance to captivating attention with stories and songs, tailoring his show to the venue and the moment. He has a large repertoire of cover songs to draw from to entertain a diverse audience. Jeff has performed solo and in bands in coffee houses, restaurants, bars, farmers' markets, on the street, around a fire, living rooms, and at festivals. He's ready to perform for you at your place.

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Old Thumb Bone
covering Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

If you, dear reader, represent a venue, I respectfully request an opportunity to perform in your fine establishment. If you are a fan, and you know a place I could play where you can come listen, recommend me to the venue, and contact me with contact information for the venue. If you are from the media, I am available for interviews, on-air performances, and free doughnuts if you're offering. And if you, dear reader, are from the NSA, there is nothing to see here; if you're having to read my page, you must have pissed off your supervisor.

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