Jeff Kelley

Writer of songs, singer of said songs, defier of responsibility

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Since first picking up a guitar in 1979, Jeff Kelley's relationship with music has been an in depth long term commitment to a love above all others. His ability to find solace in the crafting of songs and express emotion of every variety through both words and music make his work both easily accessible to the listener and extraordinarily relavant. Jeff's life has been far from average in some respects, living in a school bus with his wife and daughter on a northern California commune for over 2 years for example. Yet, his ability to transmit common feelings into nonlinear musical and lyrical expressions of everyday experiences is delightful. One of the artist's closest friends refers to this ability as "deconstructing the familiar."

When listening to Jeff for the first time many people have the experience of feeling they know his songs from somewhere; they seem familiar, comfortable yet intriguing enough to listen to time and again. The meaning behind the lyrics has a habit of unfolding slowly over time and changing with every listen as the listener moves through life and changes; these are songs that grow with you, retain their intrinsic value and unfold and develop with the listener.

Lisa Marie

Or perhaps

A trail of empty pens across leaves of processed trees lies scattered along the neural pathways through the haunted head of a white suburban latchkey kid. Grown within a cookie cutter domicile grid in the tinsel town basin. Isolated from the "less fortunate" by the shiny sheilds and discrimanting coalitions of conductors of capital interactions. Defined deeply by the separation of the genetic contributors to this realized zygote at 10 spins around the big bright ball once and again thought to be the center of the universe. Having always loved the vibrations of processed electron streams through paper coned magnets de~compressing air molecules dancing on the tympanic membrane, was turned on to the wooden box oscillating with tense strands in the compulsory institution of adolescence. Always fascinated by the strings of symbols used to convey perception experience and desire, chose to hone skills in an imaginative scribing program in the aforementioned institution. It simply was a certainty that the crafting of words uttered melodically accompanied by rythmic tones would result.

Jogging creates from the mind the foliage of catastrophic pizza.

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