Jeff Kelley

Writer of songs, singer of said songs, defier of responsibility

Sound Engineer

Never Been Done Album Cover

Jeff Kelley sings songs of life, death, and silliness. Taking lessons from folk traditions and rock legends, Jeff has invented a voice all his own. His writing reveals the clever mind of a pint glass philosopher who has lived an ordinary life of tragedy and joy. With his bluegrass flat picking style, he sings like an urban country boy making tea from herbs gathered in vacant lots. He'll bang out a rock tune with that same flat pick and suggest that you live now, die later. Then he'll put down the flat pick and pluck those steel guitar strings with his own invented finger style, and bring tears to your eyes with songs of loss. Then he'll follow that up with a ridiculous story song where you have to try not to laugh so you won't miss anything. With well over thirty years of scrawling out lyrics with a ball point pen in countless notebooks and on pub napkins, and sitting behind a guitar setting them to music, Jeff has a rich repertoire of songs and stories to share.

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Unwanted Refugee

My first album, Never Been Done, is done. You can purchase it here:

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