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Curious Man

There's an old tree out the window
Where the birds like to sit and stare
At the well fed cats down on the ground
A preening without a care
Everything in this world has a place
A place where it belongs
Me I'm just another man
Singing another song

Lion pride thinks he's something special
Puffing out his golden mane
Whether you're a king or a parrot
The sun shines all the same
Thinking about a love I lost
Remembering how it hurt
Sitting watching my sunflower
Growing from the dirt

Telephone calls and teardrops
Drying on a friendly wind
A new chapter's beginning 
Because the last one came to an end
Sometimes you're the stealthy cat
Still the bird will fly
Next time you're feeling hungry and alone
Why don't you stop on by
Sometimes I'm the early bird
Sometimes I'm the worm
Mostly I'm a curious man
With another page to turn

© 2007 Jeff Kelley

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