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The Day She Died

Drop of dew
Blade of grass
Broken beam
As pretty as
Sky of blue
Clouds of white
Nothing new
That's alright
Same old beautiful world

Sidewalk cracks
Growing grass
Seeds on breeze
Nothing lasts
Shadows move
Shrink and grow
Sun and moon
Come and go

Paved road and a pool of rain
Happy girl don't know her name
Hopping scotch her pigtails twirl
Same old beautiful world

Chalk lines fade
Actors age
Grow into
Another stage
Dreams and goals
A whole wide range
Lines get crossed
Directions change

Seeds find soil
Sky it rains
Sleep refreshes
Labor pains
Seasons sail
Daughters grow
Round the roses
Sun and snow

Tall and proud grace elm and oak
Seriously don't get the joke
Bug for bird acorn for squirrel
Same old beautiful world

© 2005 Jeff Kelley

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