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Do Exactly What It Is

If you're feeling so down low
You don't want to live
If you're tired and torn and so worn out
You've nothing left to give
There's only one thing that's left
In this whole world for you
Do exactly what it is
You don't want to do

All the thoughts that you think
Well they may not be true
Even if they are don't mean
You know what to do
If you're stuck and reluctant
To overcome your blues
Do exactly what it is
You don't want to do

Ego gets all arrogant
And will not let it go
That is when you admit
You don't really know

Why insist upon continuing
To exist without a clue
When you could live a life
In a love that's true
Overcome your resistance
And respond to the cue
Do exactly what it is
You don't want to do

Kitchen's all in disarray 
And you've left out the food
Laundry isn't folded and you're
Staring at the tube
You're slouching down into the couch
You don't want to move
Get up and do what it is
You don't want to do

Pages of your magazines they
Skew your point of view
Pictures on your TV screen
They want your money too
If you're tempted by their pleas
To constantly consume
Do not do what it is
You know you shouldn't do

Good life is a series of
Simple events
Detach from desire for
Stuff that don't make sense

© 2009 Jeff Kelley

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