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The mind fills in paint by memory
Meaning to the meaningless stories of what we could have been
So I'm dropping you off in the mailbox
A box of what we are not anymore
As the package slips from my eye
I'm learning the power of goodbye

Go to the bars for distraction
Give up on finding some action
No understanding attraction
Juke box is telling the story
Souls can bleed dry from unhealing scars
Night can fall fast with rainclouds instead of stars

Death comes and leaves you behind to cry
You must say goodbye, you must say goodbye
Love doesn't always work out fine
You must say goodbye, you must say goodbye
There's so many ways that you can die
I want to give them all a try

Hands will go round all the numbers
Pages will turn as I slumber
Later than sooner I won't want her no more
The pendulum swings from goodbye to hello

© 2006 Jeff Kelley

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