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I see the strings on which you dance
I see a handle in a hand
But I canít see you 
No I canít see you 

Senses numbed by dull routine 
No deviating from the mean
Down the scraper halls
On the walk in walls

Live like a puppet 
Why donít you stop it 

Who is behind the eyes you see
I call you who you call me
As light shines through 
To the eye of you

Your so much more than the clothes you wear
The weight of a heart or the size of your hair
Does a mirror view
Reflect you

Jump when they tell you 
Buy what they sell you
All the unkind things they said
Are now the voices in your head
Say you canít be you
Say it isnít true

Redefine subconscious script
tables in your temples flip
To yourself be true 
Live your life as you

Live on a marble 
It all getís garbled

Manifesting random chance
In predeterminded circumstance 
See I canít be you 
Me I canít be you

Hear the sound of your own voice
Is it fate or is it choice
Can you choose whatís true 
Or does the truth choose you

No longer spiteful 
Truth is delightful
Live as if you can choose 

© 2008 Jeff Kelley

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