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Marty McJack

Marty McJack, he had a heart attack
He grabbed his chest and took a breath and that was his last
We put him in a box put the box in a hole
Filled the hole with dirt and said some kind words for his soul

But Marty McJack, he wanted to come back
He loved his life so with a pocket knife he pried the box lid back
He dug up through the dirt, and climbed back on to earth
Brushed off his skin with a lipless grin he headed off to church

The moon was shining high, an owl began to cry
A chilly breeze it shook the leaves as Marty's corpse walked by
A mist was on the ground, a black cat made no sound
The church yard gate it creaked awake as Marty came around

He walked into the church, and sat down on a pew
The sun came out the bell it rang the congregation grew
The Reverend he walked in cried my God I see a sin
Marty McJack you have come back no this will never do

Your eulogy was said, my friend you are quite dead
Your rotting flesh is quite a mess you'll fill the town with dread
We put you in a hole, we said God rest your soul
Your flesh and bones must decompose you must go back below

But Marty wasn't swayed, he sat there unafraid
He took a look in the hymnal book and sang Oh Happy Day
Our Lord is coming back, oh Reverend you've taught that
Where Jesus leads I shall proceed so old McJack is back

The years have moved along, now all his flesh is gone
He spends his hours in pubs and bars unresting everyone
He pours a swill of gin, into his skeleton
His teeth and chin in constant grin as it pours out again

And now my tale is told, we all are getting old
The time will come when you are done and you'll be dead and cold
And then you must decide, oh where you will reside
Will you come back like M. McJack or stay down in your hole

© 2004 Jeff Kelley

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