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Time's Eternal Key

	No way out no way in
	No lock upon a door that isn't there
	No way up can't get down
	No one's home behind a vacant stair

	Pondering without resolve
	Crystal that will not dissolve
	Still the tumbler will revolve
	With Time's Eternal Key

	Jack and Jill popping pills
	Doctor say keep little boy blue away
	No buffalo to pay the bills
	Goldilocks has stole your curds away

	All the dreams of childhood
	Stories of a magic wood
	A determined hero could
	Find Time's Eternal Key

	Castle where your true love sleeps
	Awaiting to awaken with a kiss
	Door will open in a wall
	When you accept that it does not exist

	Drudgery of day to day
	Is the dragon you must slay
	Watch the candle melt away
	On Time's Eternal Key

	Darkness at the dawn of day
	Paper leaves the tree bound for your eye
	Waxing moon sunlit snow
	Falling from a lake up in the sky

	No one knows where but you must go
	Find your lonesome row to hoe
	Flowers turn to seeds you sow
	In Time's Eternal Key

	William Blake ate wedding cake
	At the funeral of Ponce de Leon
	When he was done licked his plate
	Wiped his brow put reading glasses on

	Born with a wound that will not heal
	Embrace the sorrow that you feel
	I think nothing will reveal
	Time's Eternal Key
© 2009 Jeff Kelley

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