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Until Then There's Beer

I have laid more than one of my loves on the pyre
I have been to the bottom of a dump
I have stood on the edge of a deep dark chasm
But I didn't feel the need to jump

   Stand up strong and take a deep breath
   Raise your glass and cheer
   All that ales you will be cured by death
   And until then there's beer

By the light of a latern in a mountain tavern
I have passed out on the floor
And I woke up with a cough from sleeping in a trough
Where I landed when they threw me out the door

Well my job is detention and there'll be no pension
For the bent backed calloused likes of me
When I'm done with all the shovelling I'll retire in the oven
And rise up light and free

I can stand the injustice with these 16 oz glass crutches
And a kick in the telly screen
I'll shake your hand and wish you luck
If you think I'll say something my mother approves of
About the riches of the king and queen

Let us drink to the brewer with his barrel full
Let us drink to the master of the pub
Pull back the handle and fill me up a pint
Of the only gold I love

© 2010 Jeff Kelley

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